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Our Team.

Meet the curious, hilarious, amazing, and passionate group of people that make our team a family.


Our Exec.

Adrienne Lai [Captain]

Tessa Uviedo


Porter Bowen [Systems Lead]

Lousia Wood

[MechE Lead]

Sarah Pomerantz

[Co-EE Lead]

Michael Zeng

[Co-EE Lead]

Sean Mintz

[Aero Lead]

Maria Cortez

[Business Lead]

Erick Liang

[Sourcing Lead]

Andre Greene

[Media Lead]

Summer Moulder

[Community Lead]


The Mechanical Engineering sub-team designs and manufactures the entire mechanical system of the car including the suspension, steering, roll cage, and braking systems. They also account for the ballast and weight distribution when making all of their design decisions. They're also our "jacks-of-all-trades," balancing all the needs of the other sub-teams. EE needs a place to mount the battery? No problem - MechE's got that covered.

MechE is also responsible for force analysis on all structural components of the car, accounting for stresses and displacements. They also design to optimize our strength-vs-weight ratio.

The Electrical Engineering sub-team deals with everything with a current running through it. This includes the lithium battery, motor controller and motor, solar panels, main logic board programming, driver interface, car lights, and waterproof connections.

We also do heavy data analysis for the optimization of electrical power draws for maximum runtimes as well as weather analysis to determine charging points. This design cycle we have also developed Infotainment, a graphics program that integrates Apple Carplay into the car.