GOLD (Our Biggest Supernovas)

SILVER (Our Morning Sunrise)

BRONZE (Our Neighboring Galaxies)

DONORS (Our Stars in the Night Sky)


Our Biggest Supernovas

Dr. Emanuel E. Landsman

Special thank you goes to our Gold Sponsors. Without you our team would not be able to fund our biggest operations, have materials for our demanding projects, have software for our mathematical analysis, have internship opportunities for our team members, have an incredible space to work in, and receive support and advice during high-stakes time periods. Thank you to our biggest supernovas whose effects are felt far and wide by our team, every single day.

Worden Family


Our Morning Sunrise

A huge thank you goes out to our Silver Sponsors, who fund and help with our major operations. Without you we wouldn't be able to design and test effectively, and we wouldn't be able to fund the construction of our solar cars. Thank you to our morning sunrise for being there at the beginning to the end of each day at solar car. 


Our Neighboring Galaxies

A very big thank you goes out to our Bronze Sponsors, who's miscellaneous contributions to our team help keep us going every day. In this vast universe, we are a small galaxy of students, but we cannot thank the neighboring galaxies enough, as they help us, surround us, and push us forward every day.

Dillon McConnon


Our Stars in the Night Sky

And last, but certainly not least, a thank you to all of our Donors that help with the small things. You are so important to us because we understand how essential these small things are. Because the small things make up the big things. So thank you to the little twinkling lights of hope that we don't always see, but always know are right there supporting us.

Harry and Maybelle Jordan

thomas mueller

  • George Hansel

  • Brian Doyle

  • Adam Johnson

  • Caroline Jordan

  • Kathleen Alexander

  • Patricia Clark

  • Quang Kieu

  • Joseph Buttner

  • Benjamin Glass

  • Michelle Chao

  • Megan Smith

  • James Lowe

  • Robert Aung

  • Satoru Lizuka

  • David Reilly

  • Kai Cao

  • Andrew Gregg

  • Tricia Um

Special Thanks To...

The MIT Edgerton Center

Our magnetic field that has surrounded us, taken care of us, made us possible, been our home, and kept us safe since 1992...

Thank You Edgerton!



Dr. Emanuel E.


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