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Building the future, quite unfortunately, isn't cheap. Our team requires massive amounts of funding and materials to be able to do what we do. We would like to take a moment to thank every single one of our current, past, and future sponsors. We would not exist without you.

Our first sponsor was the Dow Chemical company all the way back in the 80's when James Worden founded our team. Our founder starred in a Dow Chemical company Ad promoting renewable energy.

MIT SEVT takes pride in our relationships with our sponsors. We get to know all of our sponsors and our sponsors get to know us. This way, we know our sponsor's dynamic and our sponsors know our needs. Our sponsors visit our shop, work with our team members, help with our designs, and often hire our team members for internships and full time positions in their companies.

Interested in sponsoring SEVT? Check out the perks below, and get in touch with us at!

James Worden Solar Car | Dow Chemical


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$10,000 & Up


$25,000 & Up

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(Levels of sponsorship include all benefits of lower levels. All amounts are per 2 years and include cash and in kind donations.)

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