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Meet Nimbus, the most recent iteration of our single-occupant vehicles (SOV), and champion of the 2021 American Solar Challenge SOV category.


Nimbus 2022!

MIT SEVT's most advanced single-occupant vehicle yet, Nimbus was completed in 2020 and won its first race at the 2021 American Solar Challenge, covering over 1100 miles in 32 driving hours.

Nimbus went on to take first place in ASC 2022, driving over 1700 miles across the Oregon National Historic Trail. It will be succeeded by the team's first multi-occupant vehicle, Gemini, in 2024.

What makes Nimbus go zoom?

  • Aeroshell:

    • Asymmetric catamaran shape

    • Drag coefficient approx. 0.14

  • Chassis:

    • Aluminum honeycomb/carbon fiber composite​

Aero Subteam


From the drivers: What is it like to drive Nimbus?

I didn't know what to expect when driving the car at first because I had seen chunks of metal and pieces of fabric turn into a drivable vehicle. Once I got in the car and started driving, it was a lot of fun!

Because the solar car is a lot smaller and lighter than regular cars, it feels like you are driving a lot faster and you can feel all of the small bumps on the road. I have never been scared of a pothole before driving Nimbus!

I absolutely loved driving around the race track during the FSGP event. It was a mix between strategy, learning the car, and a real-world video game. It was an honor to take our full-team, multi-year project out on the track and on the road. As we say on the team, zoom zoom zoom!

Cameron '23, Captain

Nimbus spec.jpg



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